See and Tell the Vision

With every project there is a vision. What you see or hear right now does not attest to what the completed vision will look or sound like; but nonetheless, the “now” is crucial to get there. Much like a film director, the music producer takes the song from concept to completion. The producer takes the elements often in its rawest form and tells the vision through the production. It’s amazing how prophetic this process is. With my growing appreciation for the hard work and support of the producer I’m working with now, I began to think beyond the studio. How much are we missing out on in our relationships because we see what we see right now, instead of who that person is on the road to become?

God is calling us higher. Not only to tell the vision, but to see the vision of who people are beyond what our natural eyes see in the present. Many of us are hungry for encouragement and to know how God sees us despite our shortcomings. Now more than ever, the body of Christ has an opportunity to speak into the very lives God seeks to impact. The good news is He wants to impact us all!

This also applies to creative ideas; that we be a people who can see beyond the “now” and work together in unity to bring those ideas to life, together, for His glory. Amazing things happen through collaboration. We each have a unique perspective that brings a depth and richness when it’s done together. We’ve seen it in songwriting, even artwork, business and various other avenues. There is power in unity.

Ask God to show you His heart for the people you encounter each day. See how He wants to use you in releasing a kind word or working together to bring Him glory. Let us be a people that are overtaken by the love of God and a light to those who’ve yet to discover His goodness.

God bless you,


Studio update: On Monday July 29th, Greg and I reviewed his production of Track 3. It sounds fantastic and I am so excited on how this is all coming together. We also laid out Track 4 with piano and a scratch vocal so he can begin bringing in all the other elements. All that is left to record is Track 5 before the final mixing is done on the entire EP and we can send it out for mastering. God never ceases to amaze me during this project. Everything is sounding above and beyond my imagination. When I was looking for studios, I did research, but I went with the recommendation of a good friend. God gave me the cream of the crop! I can’t wait for you all to hear it! Thank you for all your prayers and support. This has truly been an amazing journey!

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